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Leena AI customer Coca-Cola
Coca Cola
“Automated IT requisition and troubleshooting requests easily”
Coca Cola KSA renewed their IT support practice by significantly automating IT queries and tickets, while relieving IT engineering from supporting with IT requisition & provisioning tasks
Leena AI customer GCCB
“Increased workforce productivity by 30%”
Gulf Coca-Cola Beverages applied case management, finance helpdesk, IT helpdesk, and commercial services solutions to drive internal efficiencies…
Leena AI customer Godrej
“Digital assistant readily available to resolve IT queries”
Before the launch of Vero, every time the employees faced any IT issue, they raised a ticket and that got logged in as a service request. The turnaround time for these tickets...
Leena AI customer Globe Telecom
Telecom and Media
“99% employee queries automatically solved in real-time”
The launch of EVA was met with great gusto. The platform was easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate workflow changes. Processes that took hours or days…
Leena AI customer Puma
“Empowered us to transform the entire employee experience”
They were looking for an employee experience platform that is flexible and customizable. Leena AI offered them a suite of products that not only helped them drive employee engagement but also transform HR service…
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Leena AI customer HCCB
“Gave a quick overview of the organization’s health”
Since the workforce at HCCB was scattered and most of the processes were managed manually, the escalation and closure of any issue took far more time than needed….
Leena AI customer Icertis
Leveraging analytics to close employee experience gaps.
The Leena AI case management dashboard helped the HR leaders get better visibility about the number and type of queries asked, and overall team performance. The analytics…
Leena AI customer VIL
Al Jazeera
Telecom and Media
“Gave automatic responses to queries via Leena AI app”
The HRBPs were burdened with the queries of on-field (journalists) employees. There was no proper system in place that could help the on-field employees resolve queries …
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Leena AI customer ACG World
“Helped with real-time analysis of employee responses”
Owing to the aftermath that the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon the world, our company announced WFH for the entire financial year. In this situation, we looked at ..
Leena AI customer Piramal
“Helped us broadcast information related to COVID protocols”
To ensure timely resolution of all the queries, the HR team spent a major amount of their time responding to repetitive requests. Despite putting in huge efforts to manage and monitor all the employee queries, the resolution…
Leena AI customer MRHFL
Banking and Finance
“Revolutionizing MRHFL's frontline workforce”
MRHFL embarked on a digital transformation journey with Leena AI to streamline workflows, provide their geographically dispersed workforce easy access to tools, and simplify communication.
Leena AI customer RPG
“Transforming HR service delivery and employee experience”
RPG Group explored novel applications of advanced AI, such as in employee engagement, while striving to amplify the adoption rate throughout the enterprise.
Leena AI customer UHA
Banking and Finance
Building an engaged workforce in changing times.
The ongoing health emergency disrupted the work environment and productivity of UHA workers. It underlined the need to engage employees and improve cultural alignment, especially when 80% of UHA’s associates were working in silos from home.
Leena AI customer Meesho
“MeeBot can help us reach new milestones”
We wanted MeeBot to transform into the single source of query resolution and HR service delivery platform for the employees at Meesho. So far, the partnership has been really good for us. We plan to ride the momentum and touch new heights.
Leena AI customer KEC
“Offered seamless HR service delivery to our employees”
In 2018, during one of their Action Planning Workshops, a clear need was felt for faster and smarter access to information on people and processes. With an increase in hiring activity and…
Leena AI customer VIL
Telecom and Media
“Resolved 90% of employee queries automatically”
Post the merger of Idea Cellular and Vodafone India to create Vodafone Idea Limited, HR automation was an important part of overall organization integration. The Company’s people integration exercise involved…
Leena AI customer Manipal Hospitals
Manipal Hospitals
“Shifted from transactional to strategic HR”
They knew that to support their nursing staff, doctors, and other on-field employees around the clock, they needed a platform that can resolve employee queries…
Leena AI customer Cocacola
“Saved 40% of our time for signing off employee requests”
The platform had to act as the linchpin for the current systems that were operating in isolation. Leena AI conversational platform fit the bill perfectly. It integ…
Leena AI customer Mahindra Finance
Mahindra Finance
Banking and Finance
“Saved 9000+ HR hours with 70% adoption”
MyPal has exceeded most performance parameters during the first two phases. It is quick, easy to access, available 24/7, and comprehensive. The goal is to make MyPal the one-stop solution for everything HR with Leena AI’s capability to leverage artificial intelligence.
Leena AI customer Hima Cement
HIMA Cement
“Enabled faster delivery of accurate, consistent information”
The Hima Cement HR team can focus on strategic tasks by automating the most frequently asked queries through Hilda, an intuitive bot that enhances the user experience
Leena AI customer RateGain
“Forum where one can share anonymous feedback”
RateGain now has an employee experience program that allows them to collect feedback throughout the employee lifecycle. Leena AI offers them complete flexibility in …
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Leena AI customer FWD Insurance
FWD Insurance
Banking and Finance
“Gained real-time insights into employee sentiments”
Leena AI helped FWD Insurance to be less dependent on traditional surveys and provided a data-backed approach to analyze employee sentiments.
Leena AI customer Meesho
From problem identification to speedy resolution
“With Leena AI, we don’t just get an understanding of what employees are facing on a day-to-day basis but are able to act on them through the platform itself.”
Know how Leena AI can
add value to your organization.
Know how Leena AI can add value to your organization.