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What is offboarding?
Offboarding is the process that allows employees to officially separate themselves from their position in an organization, through resignation, termination, or even retirement. It is a well-structured framework for employees who choose to leave a company and is also applicable in the case of layoffs.
Organizations follow a set offboarding process flow to minimize any chances of disruption in the workflow, protect confidential information, ensure positive feedback from outgoing employees, and also provide outplacement services to the employees who need it.Employee onboarding is the process of familiarizing new joinees with workplace expectations and performance goals. It involves adjusting to the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively in an organization. On the other hand, offboarding is a process that separates the employee from an organisation through resignation, termination or retirement, and does not involve assimilation of a new joinee into a workplace.
Cross-boarding is the process of assessing existing employees and choosing the best fit among them to fill up a vacant position. Offboarding is the official process of disengaging an employee from the organisation through resignation, termination, or retirement. While offboarding helps an employee leave an organization smoothly, cross boarding often intends to retain the employee and help them grow as a professional.
What are the benefits of offboarding?
Effective offboarding ensures compliance at the workplace and saves the organization from liabilities. Here are some of the benefits of offboarding:
1. Re-engaging past employees
Positive off-boarding experiences allow organizations to increase the likelihood of re-engaging an ex-employee. This increases the chances of an ex-employee returning to the organization in the future.
2. Builds brand ambassadors
With the surge in the number of organizational review entities, the way offboarding is curated can massively impact business reviews. Since ex-employees are now brand ambassadors of a business, it becomes important to polish the offboarding experience and deliver a good one to them.
3. De-provisioning
Regardless of why an employee is leaving, it's important to notify their department, recover assets and ensure compliance. A well-planned offboarding experience checks all these boxes to minimize risks for the business and ensure no loose ends remain.