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Enterprise HR service delivery done 10x better with generative AIDeliver exceptional experiences across the employee lifecycle using Leena AI’s virtual employee assistant powered by generative AI. Let your HR team focus on the strategic aspects of service delivery while the virtual assistant takes care of the everyday employee issues.
Unified HR service delivery software for all EX touchpoints
Instant resolutions to employee queriesEliminate the need for constant helpdesk interventions for routine employee queries. Automatically resolve up to 90% of employee queries with a 24/7 virtual employee assistant and free up your HR team to close high-priority cases faster.Learn More
Easily accessible knowledge baseUpgrade your knowledge management system and make information available at employees’ fingertips. Make it effortless for your team to access and update knowledge from anywhere.Learn More
Centralized employee helpdeskManage all employee cases on a centralized helpdesk. Improve accountability and eliminate resolution delays. Enhance employee experience with a conversational ticketing interface and automatic updates on raised issues.Learn More
AI-powered employee document managementUse an AI-powered centralized document management system with integrated OCR for automated creation, retrieval, and deletion of employee documents. Also, let employees update and retrieve their documents via a virtual assistant.Learn More
Experience-driven employee onboardingNail your organization’s first impression with the best employee onboarding experience ever. Engage and assimilate the new hires with personalized interactions, automated onboarding workflows, onboarding buddy, and regular pulse surveys.Learn More
Seamless HR workflowsEnhance employee experience with faster request approvals and smart self-service. Automate complex HR workflows and bring all employee requests to one platform via native integrations. Also, create customized workflows using Leena AI’s zero-code workflow builder.Learn More
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Leena AI is recognized by Gartner as a major vendor in the following categories:
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Leena AI has been featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Integrated HR Service Management Solutions.
Built with scale and security in mindLeena HR service delivery suite gives your teams and the managers complete control for collecting, storing, analyzing, and taking actions on the employee experience data. It has industry-leading data and privacy controls in place. With the Defense-in-Depth approach to security and employee anonymity controls, your data are safe and secure. It’s all backed by our 24X7 Security Operations Center, powerful GDPR controls and certifications including SOC 2 and CCPA
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What is HR service delivery
HR service delivery refers to the methods, processes, and tools that HRs leverage to provide support and services to employees spanning their entire lifecycle. The services include preboarding, onboarding, payroll and benefits, offboarding, and anything in-between. Additionally, HRs are accountable for resolving varied employee requests and elevating their overall experience.
Why is HR service delivery important?
When organizations optimize their HR service delivery (HRSD) using modern technology, it brings the following benefits to the organization:
Improves employee experienceAn HR service delivery platform is 24*7 available to address employees’ queries across different touchpoints. It improves employee experience and engagement levels.
Provides HR analytics and reportingHRs can analyze data and metrics centered on employee issues. It empowers them to make informed decisions and improve their internal processes.
Boosts productivityThe AI-driven platform triages employees’ queries to accountable team members, enabling them to stay focused and productive.
More cost-effective and efficientStreamlined query resolution process and optimized HR service delivery help HRs become a more efficient and cost-effective department. HRs happily devote time to the company’s strategic initiatives with freed-up time.
What are the best practices of HR service delivery?
Here are the HR service delivery best practices that you should rely on:
Provide on-demand self-serviceEmployees want a faster response to their routine questions. Integrate your knowledge base to your HRSD platform and give employees access to self-service.
Offer transparency into resolutionHelp your employees track the status of their raised tickets on an AI-driven case management solution, such as who is handling the query, expected turnaround time, etc.
Focus on personalizationLeverage employees’ attributes, such as role, tenure, location, employment type, etc., to personalize the responses they receive via the knowledge base.
Meet employees on their preferred channelEmpower all the employees to connect with HRs on their mobile devices, WhatsApp, Slack, or their preferred channel and find information 24*7.