Leena is an AI powered HR companion to automate your HR helpdesk

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Leena AI HR Chatbot- Leave & FAQs

Apply Leaves

Leena AI allows employees to apply for leaves and check their leave balance on chat. Leena AI integrates with HRIS’s like SAP Success Factors, Workday, Oracle Fusion, PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM, SAP HCM, etc. to apply leave on behalf of the employee

Ask queries

Leena AI will consume all of your policy documents and start answering questions asked about HR policies. Leena AI can also learn from past queries & FAQs. Unlike humans, Leena AI is always awake and can answer your questions instantly at any time

Vacation Planning

If Leena AI notices that your holidays are expiring soon, she will help you plan your vacation

Raise tickets

If the bot is not able to understand employees query, Leena AI will send a mail/raise a ticket to the helpdesk. Leena AI is a self-learning cognitive agent & any responses sent by designated HR will be automatically learned by Leena AI

Leena AI Chatbot on Voice

Voice Support

This Chatbot enables the experience of talking to an actual human support over voice on a call and getting answers to all your queries.

Integration with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

Leena AI can integrate with the personal assistant of your choice and help your employees access Shared sercies on the go.

Leena AI HR Chatbot – Payroll

View salary information

Leena AI enables employees to download & view pay slips for any month they want.

Salary queries

Leena AI will assist with tax deductions and other relevant queries like – “Why is my salary less for this month?”

Reimbursements, Expense Filing & Travel Requests

Leena AI integrates with your enterprise applications enabling your workforce to file expenses, claim reimbursements & raise travel requests via simple chat. Imagine saying “Book an economy class flight to Mumbai for 15th of December” and letting the bot do the rest

Leena AI HR Chatbot- Idea Bot

Chairman/CEO Connect Bot

This bot is based on the famous Japanese philosophy, Kaizen of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. It allows all employees to send their ideas, feedback & suggestions to the Chairman/CEO of the company. These are divided into multiple queues & owned by top leaders across the organization.

Solution Discovery Bot

Business Unit heads can send their critical problems to employees who can provide feasible solutions in return for some reward & recognition.

Leena AI HR Chatbot – Performance Mangement

Add/Edit Goals

Employees can use Leena AI to add, edit, update their performance & development goals. Once you update your goals on the bot, the changes will reflect in your HRIS as well.

Mid Year & Year End Review

You can ask your employees to complete the review on the bot in 2 clicks

Continuous Performance Management

Leena AI also enables companies to adopt continuous performance management paradigms. All the operational work like looking up Outlook calendars, setting up meetings, booking rooms will be done by Leena AI. She will also send intelligent reminders placed at regular intervals to check up on progress.

Leena AI HR Chatbot- Learning & Development

Sending Byte Sized Learning Content

Leena AI will help employees learn specific skills to improve performance in their current roles by sending personalized byte sized learning content (preferably videos)

Regular Assessment

Leena AI will take quizzes after regular intervals to keep a track on each employees learning & development.


You will get a comprehensive report on the Learning of each & every employee in your organization in real-time

Leena AI HR Chatbot – Dipstick & Pulse Surveys

Send Pulse Survey

You can send pulse survey questions to targeted set of employees at regular intervals

Happiness Score

Leena AI will calculate Happiness score of the employees using NLU

Actionable Reports

Leena AI will proactively provide a report of top employees who are distressed/unhappy and need immediate attention

Suggested Interventions

Leena AI will suggest action plans to HRBPs & managers for each employee

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