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What is employee experience?
Employee experience is the total of all experiences that an employee has during their tenure with an organization. It takes into account every touchpoint across the employee lifecycle.
Employee experience is influenced by the employee’s physical environment, the technology they are given access to, and the level of commitment an employer shows towards the health and success of employees. This experience is a major governing factor behind how an employee perceives their organization.Employee engagement is the level of commitment that employees show towards their job and often directly affects employee productivity and retention. It focuses on valuing the employees enough to motivate them. While employee experience can influence employee engagement, it is not necessary that engaged employees are happy with the employee experience they receive.
How important is it to deliver a positive employee experience?
A favourable employee experience helps employees feel like the organization cares for them and values their skills. Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset and delivering a stellar experience to them can ensure loyalty and higher levels of employee engagement.
Employee experience directly impacts employee productivity at work, employee retention, and the workplace culture. Be it empowering them with the right tools or listening to them to figure out what they want, employee experience is the one aspect that can make or break your organization.