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What is employee orientation?
Employee orientation is a one-time event that takes place when a new hire joins your organization and helps them get familiar with the workplace. It includes sharing organizational information with the new employees and maybe even giving them an office tour to ensure they don’t have much trouble fitting into the organization.
Orientation programs may last for a few hours or maybe days. Well-planned employee orientation familiarizes employees with company policies, resolves paperwork requirements, and answers questions or concerns the new hire may have.Employee onboarding is the process of familiarizing a new hire with their role, informing them of the policies and culture of the organization, and giving them access to any tools that they would need to do well in their role. Onboarding could last for anything between a few weeks to 12 months. Unlike orientation, onboarding does not simply focus on letting the new hire settle in.
Employee management is the practice of helping employees perform optimally and achieve their goals. While employee orientation ends as soon as the employee is provided organizational information and has settled in, employee management lasts as long as the employee is a part of the organization.
What all should be included in employee orientation?
Documentation work, such as signing the offer of employment or being given an employee handbook provides new joinees the information they need and is an important part of employee orientation.
Welcome messages
Welcome messages are a great way to make the new hires feel acknowledged and appreciated. These messages also encourage engagement and collaboration with the team.
Office access
Be it your new hire’s access card or giving them a parking spot, access to office spaces is an essential part of new employee orientation. Additionally, sharing an office map with them might make things easier for the new hire.
Access to hardware and software
Organizations need to ensure optimal productivity of the new employees and an essential part of this is giving them access to tools for communication, project management, time tracking, and any other security keys they might need.