Pay only for what you need

Choose any combination of our 9+ modules to automate your HR processes, and add new modules as you go.

Continuous Processes
HR FAQ Automation
Automate answers to the most frequent questions of your employees
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HR Services & Transactions
Manage your employees’ leaves, payrolls, attendances and appraisals
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Learning & Development
Teach your employees new skills with quizzes and byte-sized contents
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Performance Management
Train your employees with development goals, achievements, and reminders
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Dipstick/Pulse Surveys
Keep track of company mood with surveys, sentiment analysis & behaviour
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Travel & Expense Management
Track your employees well-being by keeping a check
Health & Wellness
Track your employees well-being by keeping a check
Help your employees speak up by letting them speak up in a safe & private space
One-Time Processes
Sort new applications with sets, surveys, and pre-employment guidance
Guide new employees through all company formalities, colleagues, and processes
Take employee feedback as they leave the company and track employee retention

For Large Enterprises

If you are a large enterprise (1000+ employees), we offer competitive discounts and bundles, as well as integrations with existing HR systems in your company.

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